When the job’s too big

Appalachian Trail sign

I’m getting ready for a family visit in conjunction with my daughter’s graduation party, and the tasks in front of me seemed overwhelming. I’ve fussed over it for months, wondering how I’d have enough time to get everything done.

Now that I’m almost atop the mountain, I’m remembering that like I already knew, focusing on what’s in front of you and taking it one step at a time actually works. Pay attention to the footfalls in front of you. Tackle the stream crossing you see instead of the river you are afraid is coming. Before you know it, the summit is in sight.

And instead of agonizing over where to start, just start. Usually there really is no “right place” to start, simply action or inaction. Choose action. Make a dent. Retreat is OK. If needed, you can find a different starting place tomorrow. Don’t fear a false start, because it was a start!

Because this job is not yet over, my time to post is limited. And even with this, I needed to just post. I know my words aren’t new, but they are a reminder to me if no one else. When I think I can’t, do it anyway. When I’m paralyzed with the enormity of something, focus on one small piece – because the pieces can all be made small.

Here’s to more TOL posting after the rest of the mountain is crested!

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